Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Weekend in Biarritz

Followers of my blog may remember that I bought some tickets to Biarritz. A couple weekends ago, I hopped on a relatively uncomfortable night train and went off the Paris grid. Off to Biarritz, which I immediately realized was the type of place you could have the oldest, crappiest, most good-for-nothing camera and still take gorgeous photos.

It was mostly a weekend of seeing sites and relaxing, so not much discuss. I'll just share some photos.

I meant to walk to the bus stop near my hostel, but ended up at this lake instead.

The ocean, duh.

Message in the sand (not written by me).

Old dudes who had just gone swimming, which must have been frreeeeezing.

Up on top of the lighthouse. I'm not acting like I am totally terrified, which I kind of am.

The light house itself. Couldn't get a really good shot, or I might have fallen.

Octopus at the sea museum says no paparazzi please.

The shark, on the other hand, just doesn't really care.

Different view of that same lighthouse.

Dinner, a €13 plate of Paella.

Last purchase before my night train back to Paris: a glass of wine from this seaside bar.

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