Thursday, March 05, 2009

Flying to Croatia on a Whim ??

Okay, okay so it's not really a whim. I have been thinking about Croatia for awhile now, actually for months, ever since my friend Kate from J-School talked about how it changed her life. I want to change my life, too. So I have been planning to get there while I am on this continent.

I found a round-trip tickets on Orbitz for about $230. A great price, from what I am seeing with other flights. Much cheaper than other people have paid. It's even cheaper than the 30-hour cheapo budget bus, which is $280.

What's on the table? Croatia. For 10 days, a week or even two. And probably alone. Should I do it?

- Impulse buys are bad. I impulsively bought what I thought was a cool hoodie for €60 and it is the worst hoodie I have ever owned in my life. It's pilling and falling apart and is all mishapen.
- What if my dream writing job falls from the sky during that time period, and I can't accept it because I am in Croatia?
- Can I spend two weeks with myself?
a. Will I get really lonely?
b. Will I get really lost? (VERY important question to consider. This happens to me often, even in places I have lived in for years. Maybe the better question is 'how many times will I get really lost?')
c. Will I get really ill and no one will be there to take care of me/feel sorry for me?

- I have been thinking about going for months
- The weather should be almost just right for beaches and things
- I can do whatever I please as a solo tourist
- How bohème it would be of me. How bohème it would make me. You probably couldn't handle how bohème I would be after a trip to Croatia
- I keep hearing Croatia is very cheap
- I keep hearing Croatia is very beautiful
- I keep hearing Croatia is very awesome

Well I won't buy the ticket tonight. Maybe this weekend, after some more thought and research. Hopefully that cheap fare doesn't disappear in a couple days.

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