Thursday, March 26, 2009

Part 5: Zürich, Switzerland

We took advantage of our Eurail passes and off we were to Zürich.

Played some travel Scrabble, chowed down on delicious Haribo gummy bears (my favorite), and took some photos of the scenery.

Our hotel was quite a hike away. At least we got some exercise. The receptionist was kind of rude so I made a mental note to never stay there again. Also she tricked us into paying heaps of money for a not-that-impressive breakfast. She made it sound like it was free. Oh well, we're dumb tourists.

We saw some cool stuff here. We visited the birthplace of Dadaism. The exhibit there didn't make any sense, which I guess was the whole point of the movement.

I took this picture in the upstairs café. It was a pretty hip place, but we didn't stay for food or drinks. Instead we stopped at a Sprüngli, self-proclaimed "creator of the finest Swiss Chocolate."

I'll back them up. That hot chocolate was superb. Its richness made me feel like I overdosed on chocolate. I couldn't even think about eating the tiny square of chocolate that came on the side, so I pocketed it for later (although I never got to eat it. I think I gave it to Jake later when he was grumpy about something).

This exhibit at the Design Museum was pretty cool. I was reminded of how I wasn't very successful in Magazine Design back at J-School. Those designers would have aced the class. There was only one exhibit at the museum though, which made us sad. We were excited to see lots of Swiss design.

Also, isn't this monkey awesome?

This wooly mammoth was at the natual history museum. I would have taken more photos, but it wasn't allowed. I took this one by accident. I'm not sure how many natural history museums I've been to in my life, probably heaps counting all the ones they force you to go to on school field trips. But this was, hands down, the best one. Usually these types of places shove a bunch of rocks in a glass case, and you are supposed to care just because they are really old. But this museum found creative ways to peak interest. Funny I can't put my finger on a specific one. I do remember that Jake and I messed up one exhibit by going through it backwards. Yes, we went backwards in history. Heh. Anyway. It was interesting, so if you ever have a chance, go.

We had some time to do one last thing before we left, so it was the zoo. It kind of smelled funny (like more than a typical zoo), and all the signage was written in German. But I understood this one!:

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