Monday, March 09, 2009

10 New Words

When I arrived home last night after a 9-hour babysitting bender, I decided it was time. I bought my ticket to Croatia.

I'll be going for 10 days in about a month. I am excited about this trip, and I am going to put a lot into researching and reading so I can make the most of my time there. I want to be prepared as possible. This will help me conquer the I'm-going-to-Croatia-alone jitters.

One of the best ways to do this is to learn a few new words. When Jake and I were in the German side of Switzerland, I was really embarrassed that we didn't know how to say simple things such as "excuse me." Even though a majority of people we needed to communicate with spoke English, I find it ignorant to not make at least a teeny effort to speak the country's language.

I predict I might be asking for a lot of help in Croatia, specifically regarding directions. So I am setting out to learn 10 new Croatian words. I'm sure there are resources online that can teach me pronunciation.

So what 10 hrvatski jezik words do you recommend I learn? I know I have some readers out there who have done a bit of traveling in their days. Leave me a comment on the blog, or send me a facebook or twitter message.


mehta said...
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Lauren K said...

Brian and I didn't really run into language issues while in Croatia. Surprisingly everyone spoke English. Especially in areas like Split that are fairly popular destinations. I knew some Czech which helped a little I suppose. The two are on the same alphabet and share a lot of basic words.

Also, I would suggest not over planning this leg of your trip. It might ease the nerves but also spoil it a little. I'd say Croatia was the least researched/most spontaneous portion of our trip and I don't think it's a coincidence it was our favorite. The the towns are small, and there aren't many touristy things to to do. Just go, talk to people, walk around. You'll love it.

LaurenW said...

OK: "where is....(insert sign language or something helpful)...?
"please" and "thank you" and "excuse me" or "sorry."
"how much does it cost?"
"what is this?" (point and then nod to the answer like you understand)
"water." "toilet." "left" and "right." ill think of some more but I am just so glad you are going!

sallie.hickle said...

Learn how to say numbers so you'll know how much things cost, and basic directional words, like "left," "right," "straight," etc.

I would also suggest learning the words for your favorite foods, or foods you hate, so you can know that you won't be ordering something TERRIBLE at a restaurant. Saved me from having a hunger-ridden stay in Germany.

Milk Jam said...

Pivo is beer :-) lol that's all i remember from my trip in Croatia, you'll love it though!