Monday, March 16, 2009

Part 3: Paris

I'm continuing my unfrequent updates on our trip. Here are Parts One and Two, if you didn't catch them.

Jake and I just made our 8:35 a.m. Eurostar train to Paris. I had to check out of the hotel first, and the receptionist was late. But it all worked out, we made it through security, got our passports stamped and hopped on just in time.

Paris was a bit more relaxing than Dublin and London. We found the time to accidentally take a 14-hour nap. I've always wanted to go up in l'Arc de Triomphe and watch all the traffic coming in from a million different directions. It stands in the middle of 12 streets, which all collide with no rhyme or reason in a circle around the arch. And we had a nice little dinner at a not-too-expensive restaurant I found close to my apartment.

Jake was all excited about seeing some sweet Parisian djs, but we kind of failed at that. One night we arrived at a club 12 a.m., which turned out to be much too early. The 10€ beers weren't enticing enough for us to stay until 4:00 a.m. We went to a different club the next night, but the guy's set wasn't very good. I felt personally responsible for the Paris dj sucking.

Here are a couple photos from this leg of the trip:

That's supposed to be Paris behind me, but it was all foggy and rainy.

And that's the Eiffel Tour. Ever heard of it?

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