Monday, July 31, 2006


So I am pretty much exhausted right now and am a little delirious. But I knew, I knew that YOU, person who reads my blog, really so badly wanted to read a post from me. And that is because you were wondering how Pitchfork was, right? Exactly. Well it was rockin'. And even though I wasn't quite hipster enough and chose to wore the old tank top skirt flip flop combo as opposed to thrift store purchased or home sewn dress giant belt neon leggings funky jewelry bandana tattoos and pyscho gelled hair combo, I could still enjoy the music and fun times as much as the rest of them.

I also may try and get into the underground electronic scene with Devin. That's because the tent was the where it was at. It was sweaty and loud and dancing and I was definitely in the mood for all of the above today. But I also thoroughly enjoyed seeing Ted Leo bleed and 'Hounds of Love' last night. And a million other things. I need to recover and get mentally and physically prepared for next weekend, which will be… well I will just leave things here.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Ways to get boys to not like me

1. constantly have spinach in teeth
2. abstain from brushing teeth
3. also from wearing deoderant
4. also from washing hair
5. not wear glasses or contacts so that I am always squinting
6. wear oversized tshirts
7. eat a lot of ice cream. don't exercise
8. find poison ivy and roll in it
9. crack really unfunny jokes constantly

That's all I can think of. But those will probably work.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Yep yep yep

So my sister played a funny joke on me today, I think. I told her I would go grocery shopping for dinner tonight since she will be at dance class. She said the Jewel was close, I could walk. She lied. It was at least 6 miles. Right, I'm exaggerating, but it was so freaking far. I kept going thinking "well it can't be that much farther…" But it WAS. I am pretty sure it was about a mile and a half there. But Betsy, WTF, you run marathons!!!! Okay shut up. Today was the hottest day I can remember in a long while. I also left my sunglasses in my car. I also eeked out 6 miles running this morning and nearly collapsed of dehydration. I also walked to the L in the morning, to work from the L, to urban outfitters at lunch and back, to the L from work. Total: not exaggerating this time, probably about 10 miles. Okay, okay honestly I am not even that tired. This all wasn't that bad. I just wanted to complain so that the .432 people who read my blog can feel sorry for me. You should, I almost got a blister on my foot.