Thursday, April 29, 2010

No Chicago Public Library. Just No.

I saw something interesting via the @ChiTribBooks twitter account. It was a link to where he posted this photo:

On the "blogger's" laptop are stickers that say “Follow me: @iamfullofit” and “blogging rulz!”

I am a pretty prominent supporter of Chicago Public Library. I put more library books on hold than I can possibly read, and I am forever impressed with their programming. They've got stuff for the benefit of both readers and non-readers. But this campaign is just dumb.

I'm not taking offense to this ad because I'm a blogger. I come from the self-proclaimed best journalism school in the galaxy, and I watched the whole industry get knocked on its ass because it poo-pooed the Internet, then freaked when everyone realized it was kind of a big deal. I know public libraries are struggling to stay afloat for a lot of the same reasons. So maybe you don't get blogging. Maybe you don't get twitter. That's okay, catching up isn't easy. But thinking you're too good for the things probably will affect if you're around 10 years from now is silly.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Five Good Reasons to Bike

1. I can eat two red velvet cupcakes a day and not be bulging out of my jeans
2. I can afford to buy two red velvet cupcakes a day with the $$ I save not taking CTA
3. I can leave dudes in my dust on bridges (read: the only hills in Chicago)
4. I can get there faster than bus or train
5. I can practice take pedestrian shortcuts through parks, dead-end streets, etc.