Thursday, March 26, 2009

Part 6: Luzern, Switzerland

The last and final leg of our trip was my favorite. Luzern was the smallest city we were in, and maybe that's why I enjoyed it. It was a nice change. And the mountains. Oh yes, the mountains. Luzern is surrounded by them.

But before we could go up high in the glorious mountains, we had some things to check off our list. Like take a walk around the city just after sunset.

I think this might have been the oldest bridge in Switzerland. Or maybe that was the next bridge over. The photo below is the oldest one for sure, though. I wouldn't have taken a picture of just any old bridge if it weren't the oldest in the country:

One of the highlights of the city was the expensive-but-worth-it transportation museum:

Basically we're talking about every vehicle ever invented. I think this museum has them all. Here, I beat Jake hardcore in an ergometer race, one of my finest moments.

The glacier garden sounded like it would be really cool, but wasn't. But just after the exit, there was this random mirror maze. I don't know what it had to do with glaciers or gardens, but it's no matter. We got pretty lost, but finally made it out without cheating. Not without taking some pictures first, of course:

There were more mirrors outside, which made us giggle:

Finally, we used our last day to take an excursion up Pilatus.

Mountains, mountains everywhere. Also rows of lawn chairs. So you could just chill up there reading a book or contemplating life or whatever, which a lot of people were doing:

A nice person took our picture, but I am a dummy. Our backs are facing the uncool, unmountainous part. Oops. Well at least we got to look at them while the picture was being taken.

And lastly, the coolest thing we did, my most favorite-ist, was sled down the mountain. I don't have any pictures because I dismantled my camera before we got on the sleds. I also don't have any pictures of the whopping bruise I got when my sled actually got air, then slammed me back down with powerful force. It was fun. My biggest regret of the trip is not taking the cable car back up and sledding down again.

The End. I have no more posts to write about our Euro-trip. It's over now. Sad. :(

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LaurenW said...

loved them all, betsy! glad i could hear about each - i am so jealous of your eurotrip :)