Saturday, May 13, 2006

simplying is fun

Whilst I was packing boxes and boxes of somewhat useless possessions, it came to my mind that I own way too many things. And then when I helped Doug pack a little, who only has basically clothes and books, I thought to myself, I really do not need to live the way I've been living.

My family facilitates the collection of objects. Then there is a bid hubbub when we could not pack everything into the car for our trip home from Columbia. It's your fault parents. You made me like this.

So now that I am home and crammed into my bedroom, I have decided to get rid of at least 95% of all these things that are suffocating me.

It goes like this,

save: Radiohead ticket from Alpine Valley
trash: ticket from Miss Saigon

save: kickass cd Maciej made me
trash: weird cd my dad made me

save: workbook from costa rica
trash: workook from lifeguarding

slow process, but it's guaranteed to work.