Friday, October 15, 2010

Life Goals

- Learn another language (Italian?)
- Do a legit triathlon (not the easy sprint stuff) and/or Boston marathon
- Do a handstand

Friday, October 01, 2010

Remember When?

I went to Croatia on a solo trip and met the most amazing people in Zagreb? They invited me to their barbecue and fed me the most delicious food and then we danced all night long. Amazing one thousand times over.

the ABCs of NYC

Every trip has a million little stories that are memorable but aren’t necessarily worth telling. If I started rambling on about how I was really excited to take this new suitcase I won through Twitter in June to my trip to NYC in August, but it was on backorder, so I DMed the brand… okay, you’re already bored, right? And I have already wasted precious talking discussing my (lack of) suitcase, and I haven’t even arrived in NYC yet.

So I have a newer and improved way to document and share my trips, and it utilizes the good old ABCs. I read this about this technique in a blog. Keep a notebook with the alphabet written out, then fill in little memories as they happen according to corresponding letter. Some might find 26 letters limiting, but it’s also a way to get creative.

American triple miles, FTW! Also, this adorbs kitteh Briggs & Riley suitcase fiasco
Cabbie has a weird air freshener (of dad?)
Didn’t really want to go to Coney Island… sorry Zach.
Everything bagels are my favorite, especially when they have seeds on both sides.
Faraway view of the Statue of Liberty from Battery Park.
Guggenheim: snuck a sweet secret photo! Hot tub and swimsuit vending machine at Standard Hotel rooftop bar. I killed my iPhone. I acted like a rich New Yorker and immediately bought a new one.
Jenga with Joe and Doug.
Katz’s delicatessen: soooo much pastrami!
Learned the difference between avenue and street.
MOMA & a $1 Met ticket.
New York Public Library. Where do they keep the books?
Overheard A LOT of French conversations.
Pots in Zach’s bed.
Quesedilla with Joe in park.
Rooftop view in financial district.
Sangria and brunch at Calle Ocho.
Times Square is so boring. And Twin Towers is really depressing. U
Very strange people at Standard Hotel. Very nice, erm, view.
Walked everywhere. For hours and hours and hours.
Years since I’ve seen some of these great friends.
Zeytinz: my first and last NYC meal.