Monday, March 02, 2009


I received a couple Facebook wall posts asking me where my blog had gone. It's still here. But I wasn't. For two weeks, I've been galavanting around Dublin, London, Paris, Geneva, Zurich and Lucerne. Updates take time and also money when you have to pay for internet, so I kind of just skipped out on this blog. But don't worry, I'm back now.

So you want to know. How was it?!??!

Blerg. Well I can say that being back in the routine of everyday life is not at all exciting. And I feel more like relaxing and watching a movie rather than recounting all my tales from traveling. So just a little bit more patience. Stories and pictures to come. Eventually.

As always, thanks for reading.


Marni said...

<3 I'm glad you're back and that you'll be entertaining us again soon.

LaurenW said...

i want to hear about EVERYTHING! can't wait :)