Thursday, February 22, 2007

la fam

I haven't really felt homesick since I've been here. If you have spent more than five minutes around my dad, you might understand why. And I still don't feel homesick, in that sense of the word, but it's funny to communicate with them and think "that is so _______." I didn't really expect them to change or anything, but you know. For example, the christmas tree isn't down yet. My mom has spent the last two months looking for the wand that goes with our really crappy angel, and cut off every branch invidually in the search. My sister is feeling restless and jokes about quitting her job to become a pastry chef. My dad has littered the dining room table with bee keeping supplies. I can picture exactly how my family is living back there, exactly how they have not changed one bit. I wonder if I will fit back into the routine when I get back?

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