Sunday, February 04, 2007

Comment on dit "crunchy" en français?

My jeans are crunchy. My towel is crunchy. This is what happens when you must air dry things. The jeans will be fine. But I am worried about the towel. I am so worried I haven't taken a shower yet. I will try to play the not-take-a-shower game for as long as possible. Or I will just stand in the salle de bains until my body is completely dry. Otherwise, I might rip some skin off. The not-take-a-shower game isn't as fun as the annoy-the-pissy-french-girls-by-bumping-into-them-as-many-times-as-possible game that I played last night. Have you ever been to a bar that plays the remixed punk-rock version of "Summer Nights?" That's right, from that musical made famous by John Travolta. I hadn't either… until last night.

I: "I have never heard music this bad."
C: "I have. The last time I came here."

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