Thursday, February 01, 2007

Hey surprise surprise I used to be a lameass and probably still am

Today I went back and read some old blog posts. I started it just about a year ago. Now I am wondering why I had any friends then. I would not have wanted to be friends with myself.

That semester was one of the best of all of college thus far, not yet counting France. When I wasn't running 67 miles a day, apparently I spent the whole time sniffling over michael douglass, who had fake dumped me several months before. Why did I type an overload of blog entries about feeling sorry for myself? I missed hanging out amongst the six all fall. Good memories are climbing to the top of the quad, dancing until arcade fire until I felt faint, and sitting on the shotty couch on the balcony that sheds on you. I really don't have many distinct memories, I was just always so happy. That night I threw up on Douglass' floor was great though. Then I woke up the next morning and ran 8 miles. Dudes and chicks of spring '06, I miss you.

Now I am going to buy some tickets to the Alps and go out and party hearty in France.

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