Thursday, May 14, 2009

So When Are You Coming Home?

I get this question several times a week from my friends, family and pretty much anyone I know back in the states. My teaching contract finishes the end of June, so everyone wants to know how quickly I will hurry back to that whole other life I left in the USA.

Moving here wasn't easy, especially at the beginning. But it also won't be easy to leave. I've worked really hard to carve out a little niche for myself in Paris. Believe it or not, this hasn't been a vacation. I have a life here, too. And I also really like baguettes.

After much deep thought and journal-entry writing, I've decided to stay in Paris at least until the end of the summer. Although making money might be an issue, I'm confident I can figure something out. I'll either keep freelancing or start waiting tables or something.

Why do I want to stay longer? I worry that I haven't given Paris the chance it deserves. There is so much in this city that I haven't gotten around to doing. And I would also like to take a couple months to concentrate on pitching and writing some freelance pieces that have been floating around in my head for some time. Plus I can't deny that my French still needs more work.

So I'll come home, eventually. I just don't know when that eventually is. Probably when I can no longer stand the riduculous level of second-hand smoke here. The first shirt I am pulling out of my wardrobe when I arrive home is this one.


Anna Vitale said...

You have also made Paris your home, so "coming home" might never mean the same thing again...

LaurenW said...

Good for you, Besty! I am really excited for you. you know I want to see you but I totally understand. I wish I could visit you.... :)

Marni said...

"and I really like baguettes"!

I love it!

You're photo in front of the Eiffel tower is still sitting on my desk in a cute frame - I'm envious of what you're doing and am pretty convinced that you'll forever appreciate that you decided to stay a little longer and give the place that extra chance. Bonne chance!

betsyboo said...

Thanks all my faithful readers (aka my friends).