Monday, May 04, 2009

I'll Try to Keep My Mouth Shut

My good friend Kelly and I registered for the Twin Cities Marathon yesterday. We had our hearts set on the Chicago race, but it filled up too quickly. So the Twin Cities race is our Plan B. Our 18-week training schedule starts whipping us into shape June 1.

The second and last marathon I ran was in 2006. Since then, I've taking some time off marathons and running in general. In other words, I got lazy and fat. Along the way, I've met people who never knew me as a marathoner and just don't buy it. I get "you don't look/seem like a runner," a lot.

Well I'm getting back in the game, but I'm bringing some newfound wisdom. Back in 2006, about 89 percent of my blog posts were about running. I went back, read some of them, got really disgusted with myself, and deleted them all. The thing is, when four months of your life are dedicated to this one final goal, you think about it a lot and mistakenly think other people think about it, too. Now that I've spent some time away from the hardcore running world, I realize how tedious it is for an outsider to hear about it all the time.

So my vow to any loyal blog readers is to not talk about running too much. I can't say it won't come up. A full-time training regime can consume one's life. But I will try to keep this whole running thing to myself. Deal?

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LaurenW said...

you're doing this betsy?!?! ahh! so excited for you! with kelly?!? so fun. im jealous. i was looking into chicago and then yes, it filled up so fast so i was like, welllllll guess i am NOT doing that. can't wait to hear about it!