Wednesday, March 14, 2007

centième post about La Poste

Waiting in line at the post office isn't so bad if you have an ipod, a book or a whole pizza to eat. Otherwise, you must patiently wait for a very very very plusieurs minutes. Today I was waiting and dreading that I would very stuck with the mean lady. I remember her from last week because she thought I said €5 when I said I needed credit for my phone for €25.

I know I said the 20 because for some reason I get really nerveuse with my numbers and forget them on the spot. So I always practice in my head, especially if I am anticipating using them soon. It doesn't make any sense because I learned to count in French… um… 7 years ago? Anyways, she printed out the wrong thing and then got all in a huff. Since I had an accent I bet everyone assumed it was my fault, but it WASN'T. But it was fine, eventually I got my €25, really €30 because orange adds 5.

Like I already said, I didn't want this lady. I really didn't care if she remembered me or not, but didn't want to deal with her pissiness again. But of course she was the open agent when it was my turn. She was actually really pleasant. She must have been having a bad day last time. I'm glad we got to share a second moment together.

Now that I reflect on it, I would be pissy if I worked at a french post office too, because it is always really busy and they probably never get to go to the bathroom. Actually, that is not true because the Poste is closed more often than it is open, so they can go pee during those times.

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