Tuesday, August 15, 2006

If there's cheese around, you know it's a good place

So after my race on Sunday, I was reminded of why long races are so amazing. And that is all the free food you receive. It started with the bag you get beforehand, which had a coupon for a free meal @ Chipotle. My mom doesn't eat there so I yoinked hers too, so now that is six free Chipotle tacos if I'm in Columbia, eight if in Chicago.

Then post race, the general rule, well maybe not, but at least the rule I live by, is grab as much as you can get your hands on. Sometimes they even give you a bag for it all. This was not the case in this instance, or else I would have taken more. I was able to cradle in my arms the following:

1 bottle of gatorade
2 bottles of water
2 cliff bars
5 fruit snacks
1 bagel
1 box of raisins
3 packages of organic string cheese
1 banana

And the funny thing I wasn't even hungry.

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