Thursday, August 10, 2006

An unexpected surprise (just as surprises often are)

My sister's landlady totally cracks me up. When I returned to the apartment from work today, she mentioned that she had been inside to fix something, and meanwhile had straightened things up a bit. This is what she was referring to:

1. drag unused AC unit into hall
2. assemble dirty clothes strewn on bathroom floor into neat little pile
3. wash dishes
4. add additional furnishings to the apartment: microwave stand and rug by kitchen sink
5. take out garbage (from both kitchen and bathroom)
6. line up all shoes into line
7. push my haphazard pile of duffel bag and its contents into corner of room
6. sweep floor, possibly mop as well

For some reason, I do not feel that Joe and Linda will be as on hand when it comes time to clean the VIP Lounge. I guess I will find some way to deal.

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