Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Coupon.. er.. Rush?

It’s no secret that I love coupons, and I love saving money. It’s not even like I’m broke or anything. But why would I pay $3 for toothpaste when I can pay nothing?

I have a list of coupon blogs to thank for a lot of the deals I get. These women do the work so I don’t have to. But they get a little ridiculous at times. One recently posted about the “rush” she gets when she checks out with her coupons:

As I walk up to the register, my hands start to tremble and my heart starts to beat. My eyes are moving around quickly …. As the coupons keep getting scanned, I can feel the tension build up behind me. Finally, I hear her high heels tapping the ground with force … I stand there with pride as I look up and down that magnificently long piece of paper. Life is good! As I leave the store, I know beyond any reasonable doubt that every part of getting to the moment of victory is so worth it in the end. And now I can head home with my head held high and brag to anyone who will listen.

The whole post a bit dramatic. Yeah, it’s super exciting to pay $1.50 for some stuff that originally cost $30 — like I did last night! But my hands don’t tremble and my heart doesn’t start to beat faster when I approach the cash register. I actually dread checking out because I feel like I am inconveniencing the cashiers. They have better things to do than deal with my wad of coupons.

But the bragging part? Guilty. I love to brag about my deals. My roommates and friends are probably so sick of hearing about them. I think I need to be more conscious of that. Does anyone care that I got two boxes of Triscuits, some hair dye and organic blush for a just a couple dollars total? Probably not.

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