Thursday, March 17, 2011

Checking in on What I’ve Resolved to Do This Year

1. Take more pictures
I’ve been doing well with this one. Except... I never load them onto my computer or Flickr or Facbeook, so no one would know. I tried a few times, but I can’t find my card reader. I think my cat hid it.

2. Wear more accessories
I am now the proud owner of more belts and rings. But I think my cat also hid half my rings.

3. Be more thrifty
Eh... I have made a few purchases at Goodwill. But I’ve also made more than a few purchases at Urban Outfitters, which is definitely not thrifty.

4. Stop buying meat from the grocery store (either it's local or nothing)
I don’t remember the last time I bought meat at the store, so I guess I’m following this one. Oh yeah, I tried to buy some wings for Super Bowl. Instead I bought whole things of chicken. Maybe this proves I don’t even know how to buy meat anymore?

5. Take a dance class
Haven’t followed up on this one yet.

6. Touch my toes
Most of the time in yoga class, I can touch just one toe. My right big toe. For like, five whole seconds.

7. Do a handstand
I feel as if I will never accomplish this, but I’m working on it. Even though I swim twice a week, I still have no upper body strength.

8. Not look like a fatty fatty two-by-four in Kari's wedding this spring
The wedding is at the end of April, so we’ll see. But I resisted eating leftover cold pizza for breakfast at work today, so go me.

9. Dye hair red

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