Thursday, February 03, 2011


As you may or may not know, Chicago got dumped on by a whole lotta snow over the past couple days. Braving the blizzard yesterday would have been simply silly, so most of our office worked from home. I woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed today, ready to go in early and dismiss this cabin fever as a thing of the past. The public transportation system had something else in mind. I waited on the platform for about an hour with hundreds of other people trying to get to work. Only a few trains came by, and none had room for more than one or two people. I wanted to believe a train would come by with enough room just for me, but I had to give up to save my fingers and toes. So it was back to working from home for yet another day.

It ended up being not so bad. I was super productive, working from my desk in our reading room that looks out onto piles of white, pristine, only-a-little-dog-peed-upon snow. Here are some other pros about working from home:

1. Doing laundry at the same time (I didn't do it)
2. Making your lunch in the oven instead of the microwave
3. Sweatpants
4. Cats (although she ignored me. Jerk)
5. Roommate bonding

But some things never change, no matter where you work from. Like the fact that it's work. And that you have the same space heater in your home office as you have at your work office. Except a cat is sitting in front of it in one office.

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