Thursday, January 08, 2009

Letter to my Mother

Dear Mom,

I did something very bad. I'm not even sure you want to know, but I feel like I have to tell you. I must preface this by saying I know this isn't how I was raised. It's not your fault.

I bought a pair of boots. And they weren't on sale. Not even close. I paid full price, and that price was a lot.

I'm sorry. I know the whole point of buying something is getting a deal. To be able to say: "I bought this for $10, but it was originally $80!!" (Although you never would have spent $80 on that in the first place). I know a pair of shoes or egg-shaped egg beater is exponentially cuter if you have paid less than 60 percent of the original price. I know you aren't even supposed to look at the normal-priced things in a store.

But mom, these boots were just different. I have wanted a nice pair of leather boots for sometime. And I tried to be a good daughter by waiting until the big sales started. And I went to the big sales and found these perfect boots. The only problem was that they were in the "non sale" section.

There were also some boots I kinda sorta liked for half the price. But I wanted boots that I really liked. So I thought hard and made the decision. I bought the expensive ones.

Thanks to your motherly influence, this was not easy. Then I thought about all the money I must have saved from a life of shopping the sales. And I figured just this once, it would be okay to pay a lot.

You may not agree that I made the right decision. That's okay. Regardless, we will always be mother and daughter. And don't worry, it will probably be many years before I buy something not on sale again.



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Anna Vitale said...

oh my gosh if only i could free myself from the exact same trap of sale-driven madness...i would be exponentially better dressed, for sure.