Friday, January 02, 2009

Chicken Nuggets: Two Not-Really Reflections

1. Usually I get sweet & sour sauce with my American McDonald's Chicken Nuggets. At Paris McDo, I asked the cashier to list their sauces. I didn't hear anything slightly resembling my usual preference, didn't want bbq or mustard, so went for the myserious "Chinese Sauce." For some reason, I figured it would be some sort of soy sauce. Am I crazy for thinking that? Because surprise, surprise, it was really sweet & sour!! Miam miam. Really lucked out with that one. Also French McDo is effing expensive, but it's supposed to be better quality stuff. My McNugget meal was €6.20, and Yahoo's currency calculator tells me that is about $8.62. Thankfully all my income is in euros, not dollars.

2. Back when I was studying in Lyon about two years ago, I was standing in line at the dining hall. The French people in front of me were debating whether they should get the chicken nuggets or the other option. They decided on chicken nuggets for whatever reason. I remember standing there, thinking it was the first French conversation I understood in its entirety. Then, reflecting on how long I had studied French, and how hard I had worked to make progress. All to understand some boring conversation about chicken nuggets. It was a bit of an "ah yes! But… oh" moment.

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