Saturday, January 10, 2009

Brushing up on my French Traditions

French people love to have me try their food. I love it, too. It really boosts my French culture points, and (usually) it's delicious. The funny part is when they don't necessary realize that other French people may have already introduced me to it.

Take "Galette des Rois," which is King Cake. It's eaten throughout the month of January. To divvy up the slices, the youngest person has to go under the table and call out who gets which piece. It's to be fair. There's a little charm hidden inside, and whoever has it is the queen or king. That person gets a crown, then has to crown someone else. Then those two have to cross arms and drink. **tangent: Meanwhile, everyone has ditched their spoons and has started eating the cake with their hands. I'm not sure why we are eating this cake with spoons in the first place, it's flakey and quite difficult to cut with the edge of a spoon. An old roommmate told me it's because French people don't like to use the same silverware twice in one meal, so forks aren't really an option. Whatever.**

I might have gotten all this information wrong. But I've eaten I think five Galette des Rois since I've been here. And this is how it all generally goes down. What's the date today? Oh yes, it's the 10th. And I have already tried this delicious French dessert five times. I'm not complaining. It's good. I even had a kosher one, which I think was the best. It's just The dessert right now, especially when a non-French person is at the table. I think I might be gaining a few pounds from all this cake. Ooops, I'm in France. I mean kilos.

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