Thursday, June 09, 2011

Get 'Er Done

I like to be a busy person. I like to fill my day with this and that, the gym and French class and volunteering and baking some banana muffins and then maybe running to Dominick's to get a great deal on Greek yogurt. I have trouble just sitting around, unless I'm reading a book. Sitting around bores me to death.

But then, I don't have time to do my laundry or catch up on emails or figure out what I'm bringing for lunch tomorrow. Then I get all stressed out. 'I'M SO BUSY' I *wail* to myself. Then my roommate will innocently ask me "How was your day today?" And I will say "Oh, fine. Busy." But in my head I'm thinking 'JEBUS CRIPES I HAVE SO MUCH TO DO! HOW DO PEOPLE FINISH EVERYTHING IN 24 HOURS??!?!'

But remember how I said I like to be busy? And that I'm the one who adds all this stuff to my schedule? So me not getting home until 9 p.m. last night and being too tired (and hot) to cook dinner was no one's fault but my own.

Really it's just about prioritizing. Before I went to sleep last night, I made myself cut down the unread 100+ emails in my inbox down to 10. It didn't take that long, only about 20 minutes. But I felt a lot better because something looming was close to not looming anymore. Then I woke up early this morning and made a delicious lunch and got some things in order and was ready to start the day before I really needed to. Now, when I get home tonight and my roommate asks me how my day was, I can say "Oh, fine. Busy." but minus the screaming in my head part.

* this is a funny word and I like it very much.

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