Friday, June 03, 2011

Doctor Recommended Preparation H!

I bought a travel pack of Preparation H wipes yesterday. No, not because of the burning and itching on my butt. Because CVS paid me $2 to buy it! (yes I had coupons and stuff, but it'll take me too long to explain it. Just go here.) You know what $2 can buy you these days? Well about a fraction of a whole box of Maximum Strength Pain Relief Preparation H Cream, that's what! Also one Big Star taco or one sip of a Violet Hour drink.

But in all seriousness, I'll either ask around and see if anyone's having hemorrhoid problems, and offer the PH wipes as a thoughtful gift for their birthday or just because, or, I'll donate them. Unlike Extreme Couponing hoarder people, I don't have extra rooms, garages and deep freezers to store my stockpile of worthless crap I got for free with coupons. I only have two tubes of Colgate stocked up, not 100. Although I have to admit, it's sometimes hard to resist "buying" all that free toothpaste at times, but I do often resist, because how much toothpaste do one girl and her cat need?

I watched a few episodes of Extreme Couponing when the show first started, and I quickly got bored and frustrated. It's the same thing over and over: stay-at-home mom spends 40-8,203 hours a week clipping coupons and scouring ads and stores for the best deals, makes a detailed Excel spreadsheet, heads to store where she buys 100 bottles of Gatorade, 67 boxes of pasta, and 74 Milky Way Bars, among other things, hits minor snafu when all coupons won't scan because the cash register cannot process 1,000+ coupons in one transaction, but then it works out, pays 1 percent of what the stuff is worth, rolls outta the store a few hours later with 7 carts of junk guaranteed to give her whole family diabetes, HOORAY! Sorry if you haven't seen it, and I just ruined the show for you. :-/

I'm frustrated with the show because it doesn't give a realistic vision of how average people can save money with coupons. How you can get a lot of healthier foods and most toiletries for cheap, and how saving money doesn't need to be a full-time job. I save money on lots of stuff: yogurt, oatmeal, shaving cream, and body wash for example. And I don't dedicate my Saturday nights to rifling through people's garbage in hopes of finding their discarded coupon inserts (well, maybe just that one time. OKAY FINE I will admit to finding some coupons on the sidewalk when I was walking home late at night once and picking them up).

I buy what I need, and that's it. And I save heaps of money doing so. You can't argue with that!

And also, you know what? I read that "Prep-H has a well deserved reputation tightening eye bags and for aiding in the healing of dry, cracked and irritated skin." Maybe I'll jut keep those wipes to myself then.

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