Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Where's The Toilet?

This evening as I was leaving the gym, I was greeted by a frantic text from my roommate.

"Sooo just got home... the toilet is in the shower and the sink is in the living room..."

Now, we were expecting our landlord and his maintenance crew to be doing some work in the bathroom. They notified us they'd be doing some pretty major work to replace the ancient pipes, but he told us the only inconvenience to us would be that the wall would be ripped out for a few days. No big deal.

But the toilet in the bathtub was a big deal, as you can imagine. I called our landlord to see what was up. I tried not to make any assumptions and be as nice as possible, but I was secretly pretty pissed. He had no idea what the state of our apartment was and apologized a million times. He said he'd figure out what the deal was and call me back.

Turns out their work was taking longer than they expected, and the guys were still working on it, but were in a different part of the building. They intended to come back and finish things up for the night (ie put the toilet and sink back where they belonged). We just thought they had left everything all over the place and went home.

In the end, it wasn't that big of a deal. And I guess the lesson here is to never make assumptions. I could have been really rude to my landlord when I called to ask wtf was going on. But I was nice, and he was nice, and everything worked out. Now we can pee and take showers!

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