Monday, May 02, 2011

What's Blossoming?

April #reverb10 prompt: What’s blossoming?

I started writing this blog post and stopped, then started writing and stopped again several times throughout the month of April. I never finished it, because I didn’t feel I had any “blossming” things worth bragging about. Also, I don't think I liked the question really. All I could think of was flowers.

I felt I had to answer something HUGE. Four months into 2011, and I had to have accomplished something gargantuan, right? When in fact, nothing huge was happening. Except that I started a new job, which was kind of huge. And I stood up in a good friend’s wedding, which was also huge. But none of those things felt huge enough to make a big deal about.

The hugeness I wanted to celebrate was that I could finally do a handstand or that I had written a novel or run another marathon. Something that had taken time, but something that I could finally say “yes. yes it’s true. I did that thing, finally.” But I am nowhere closer to doing those things than I was several months ago. And when I realized that, I felt that I had wasted these months doing nothing. But that’s not true. A lot of things take time, and what matters is that I am moving in the right direction.

I can’t do a handstand but I can do the six postures of vinyasa yoga without resting.
I haven’t written a novel, but I have been inspired to write more.
I haven’t run a marathon, but I have been running once a week.

The things I am trying to improve about myself are things that take time and patience. I am typically not a very patient person, so I don’t like to admit that. Getting better at something just takes continuous practice, and as long as I am sticking to that practice, then I should be proud of myself.

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