Wednesday, January 05, 2011

An Open Letter to Facebook and Your Damn Engagement Ring Ads

I like some of the services you provide for me. You make it easy to tag my friends in photos, put me in touch with faraway acquaintances, and entertain me a little bit on a bored Saturday afternoon. But I do not enjoy the part where you try to pressure me into getting married.

I know you think you know me. That me being 24, female, and in the same relationship for some time now = put a ring on it. So maybe that’s why you keep bombarding me with your “Do You Like Diamonds? Like us!” pay-per-click ads. But listen. I’m not interested in getting married anytime soon. That is why I keep deleting all your engagement ring ads. And then when you ask me why, I say I’m not interested in them. So why do you keep shoving those diamonds down my throat?

Usually I do not get so offended by advertising, especially because I know you need it to keep your service free for me. But I can only delete so many ads, tell you I don’t care about engagement rings, then see three more glaring at me in the right-hand column the next day. I. Don’t. Want. To. Get. Married. At. This. Point. In. My. Life. Is that so hard to understand? If you cared about me, you would listen. But you don’t care about me. You just want me to get married. LAME.


Sallie said...

I have the same problem with baby/baby accessory ads (surrogate services, adoptions services, handmade diapers, eco-friendly bottles, pottery barn kids). No matter how many I delete, they won't go away, even when I flagged them as "offensive" in the questionnaire.

Andy said...

I like those adds because mine are all advertising to me sign up to advertise on facebook