Friday, January 07, 2011


Janorexcia – The act of starving oneself in January to lose Christmas pudge. Also might have something to do with New Year’s resolutions.

How to use it!

• I didn't eat lunch today and instead went to the gym so I am a good janorexic. – me
• Drinking coffee no cream no sugar for janorexia. – Bradley
• Who keeps putting chocolate caramels in the kitchenette? this is not helping my janoerexia – Amy

Are you participating in janorexia?


Caitlin H. said...

i am CLINGING to this list this coming year at our office. i feel like it's no different at the chicago location...

betsyboo said...

I do #3 all the time! I seem to have tons of containers around from my brought-from-home lunches, so I put sandwiches in there leftover from meetings, pop it in the fridge, then enjoy after the gym!