Friday, November 05, 2010

Why You Shouldn't Pay More Than $0 for Anything from the GAP

The GAP has certainly been making headlines recently. First there was the nationwide Groupon that broke the site. Then, there was this thing today with Facebook places to get one of 10,000 pairs of free jeans. And a couple months back, the Michigan Avenue store gave away 50 pairs of their new black pants. There's a lot of talk that GAP is paving the path for the future of retailers online. Maybe it's all true. But when GAP puts all these deals out there, they have to watch out for people like me. The ones who realize that if GAP is going to keep giving away free stuff, then I'm just going to stop paying for any of it.

From all the coupon blogs I follow, I know the absolute most you should ever pay for any GAP item is 40% off. Every couple months, they have these sales that sound super exclusive. But they're not because these sales happen all the time. So I've needed a new pair of jeans for awhile now, but I knew if I waited a bit, I could get them for super cheap from GAP. I was planning on paying just a fraction of the price, but today I got them for $0. I will admit that I stood out in the cold for a little while and read a book while waiting for the doors to open, which is more than most people would do for a pair of pants. But I'm trying to fly to Australia next year people. By my calculations, each mile of airfare costs 18 cents, so the $60 I saved can buy me 333 miles.

Anyways, my point is giving people a bunch of deals all the time is not necessarily going to make them buy more. In my case, it's making me buy less.

Now what shall I wear tomorrow? The free GAP jeans I got? Or the free GAP black pants?

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