Sunday, November 28, 2010

Le Future

Yesterday, Amy helped me put up a world map on my wall. I will now wake up just under Antarctica every day. I was looking at it this morning and thinking about how much more of the world there is left for me to see, and I wonder if I could ever survive an around-the-world trip for six months or a year. I've met and read about lots of people who have done it, and it sounds incredibly lonely and amazing.

Whether I travel or simple move, I don't think it's my destiny to stay here in Chicago forever. I know I have at least a few more years in me, because I really do love this city every single day. But I wonder where I will go next. Will I go to school? Get a different job? Move someplace new with only the will to be there? I don't have to decide just yet, but this map has got me thinking…

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