Friday, October 27, 2006

Go here and tell all your friends!

Okay so maybe more than one person reads my blog? Maybe? There's no way to tell, what is most important that you go to this website:

This is the Missouri School of Journalism for you. This is a commercial my good friend Joe made for Chipotle. If he wins, he gets $10,000! And the J-school gets $10,000! We need to get a ton of people to watch the commercial, so get all your friends to watch it too. And then get your friends' friends. Chain reaction Oh My God.

if you can't remember the link to tell you friends, just tell them to go to youtube and search chipotle and foil.

ps this public computer lab is creeping me out, the girl next to me is making farting/squirting noises with her mouth and talking to herself. Mmm ... gotta go.


Courtney French said...

Were you in Memorial, and did that girl look Indian? If so, then I can't stand her. She did the same thing one day whe I was in Memorial.

Joe said...

Thanks for spreading the word!