Thursday, July 13, 2006

Yep yep yep

So my sister played a funny joke on me today, I think. I told her I would go grocery shopping for dinner tonight since she will be at dance class. She said the Jewel was close, I could walk. She lied. It was at least 6 miles. Right, I'm exaggerating, but it was so freaking far. I kept going thinking "well it can't be that much farther…" But it WAS. I am pretty sure it was about a mile and a half there. But Betsy, WTF, you run marathons!!!! Okay shut up. Today was the hottest day I can remember in a long while. I also left my sunglasses in my car. I also eeked out 6 miles running this morning and nearly collapsed of dehydration. I also walked to the L in the morning, to work from the L, to urban outfitters at lunch and back, to the L from work. Total: not exaggerating this time, probably about 10 miles. Okay, okay honestly I am not even that tired. This all wasn't that bad. I just wanted to complain so that the .432 people who read my blog can feel sorry for me. You should, I almost got a blister on my foot.

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