Saturday, February 11, 2012

Letter Writing Campaign

My aunt is the master of writing letters to companies for various reasons. She's written letters to Rainbow Sandals because one flip flop was hurting her foot, the Metra suburban commuter train system because the doors did not have Braille instructions (she's not blind, but thought that it might be challenging for a blind person to understand you have to push a particular button to open the doors between the cars), and the director of The Bourne Supremacy because the movie gave her a headache.

Though we laugh a little bit about her tedancy to write a letter about the most randomest of things, she usually gets what she wants; a new pair of sandals, Braille on the doors, and I'm not sure what from the The Bourne Supremacy director.

Recently I decided to write the following emails to the following companies for the following things:

- Bell Sports, Inc. because my front bike light, though very bright and functional, kept falling off my handlebars
- Master Lock because my gym lock ceased to open
- Joe's Jeans because their stupid jeans are really terrible and continue to turn my hands blue after several washes and the leg seams are all wonky
- Direct Loans because their Kwik Pay system is fudged up and also because of this non-proofread letter they sent me and probably millions of other people:
Your request to change the bank account from which your monthly payments are automatically debited through KwikPay® has been processed. Your first automatic payment from the new bank account will be deducted on 199.58 in the amount of $03/14/12.
Bell Sports, Inc. and Master Lock sent me the same products to replace my defective ones. Good job guys. Joe's Jeans and Direct Loans ignored me. You lose.

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