Thursday, January 12, 2012


I didn't have much time for New Year's resolutions this year, what with an early family Christmas, the busiest couple of months at work in my young professional life, kinda (but not really) planning my current adventure, and squeezing in as many freelance assignments as I could to afford Christmas and travel without going broke. 2012 resolutions would have to start with 2011 reflections, so I suppose I'll start with that.

This was the year I stood up in my first wedding, completed my first triathlon, and pitched my first glossy magazine piece.

It's the year I started the first job that I feel is 125% a good fit for me professionally and personally.

It's the year I decided I was ready to move in with this guy I've been seeing for the past four years.

It's the year I decided to work on my posture and my swim stroke.

It's the year I decided I needed to be a more compassionate person.

It's the year I decided it was time to let some family stuff go.

It's the year I dyed my hair red.

It's the year I won a trip to France.

It's the year I found out a friend had cancer and the year I felt one of my closest friends start becoming not-so-close anymore.

The year Jake and I finally made it to Cedar Point.

The year I finally made it to New Zealand.

The year I finally made it back to France.

The year I started waking up early to write.

The year I worked too hard.

The year I decided to reach out to a part of my family that hasn't been a part of my life in years.

The year that actually went smashingly well, all things considering, despite me falling into a rut of completely over scheduling my life so as to accomplish the most things possible in every hour of each day, but also the year my byline appeared in more legit articles than ever before.

So 2012?

I think I need to take time to especially appreciate smaller things: the delicious cups of coffee, the changing of the seasons, and other little but beautiful happenings that ask to be a part of my life every single day.

I plan to work just as hard this year, but I also plan to be better at managing my time so I can better appreciate good books, snow, and hearty, full glasses of wine. I am even thinking of investing in a big comfy chair to put in our reading room so I can appreciate all of those things at the same time.

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