Saturday, October 01, 2011

Favorite Things of September

Home Cooking: Since we finalized our Europe trip, I'd decide I'd try to scrimp and save a little more. So I resolved not to eat out until Paris. Aside from our weekend in Toledo and today's Chipotle festival, I've stuck to it. I don't eat out frequently anyway, but cooking 100% of my meals at home has led me to try some new recipes, such as creamy carrot soup and homemade macaroni and cheese (I apparently only cook orange foods). I like this trend. I think good food tastes even better when you've made it yourself. Next week's menu will include slow cooked buffalo wings. Yum!

Starting the day early: Since I've picked up some extra freelance work, I've been waking up a couple hours early to get it done. It's nice to brew a cup of French press coffee and be productive early in the morning. I feel much more accomplished. It also helps me work a couple morning workouts into my schedule too.

This: Travel Planning: Paris. Berlin. Australia. New Zealand. It's all happening before my next birthday. Yay! This means more work and even more frugality, but all in the name of voyage!

The cat's space heater: Nothing keeps the Lib happier than a Holmes HFH442-UM Heater Fan with Adjustable Thermostat and ALCI Plug. She discovered my roommate's last year and has taken such a liking to it that I bought one just for her. If the cat's happy, then I'm happy. I'm hoping she'll forget about me when I'm in France and just curl up next to this heater the whole time. Fall flavors: Pumpkin, pomegranite, apple, caramel. I welcome your scent in candles and flavor in food stuffs.

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