Tuesday, July 26, 2011

SO Close to Paris!

There are few things that would make me jump up and down in my apartment, run back and forth, and screech like a crazy lady. 1. Winning the lottery (because then I could go to France) and 2. Finding out that I was really close to winning a trip to France.

Air France USA is running this contest. They asked their Facebook fans to create an image or photo around the theme "Picture Yourself in Paris," and that is exactly what I did. See below:

I mean I thought it was pretty good. I had help from some awesome coworkers named Nikki and Alex and I really thought it turned out smashingly well. And when weeks and weeks later I found out that I was one of the top 10 finalists out 1,800 to win this trip — two round-trip tickets on classy Air France plus 5 nights in a hotel in Montmartre (that's where a lot of Amelie was filmed. It's a beautiful area!) — I jumped up and down in my apartment, ran to and fro, and screeched like a crazy lady.

Wanna help me win? YEAH YOU DO.

Like Air France USA and then like my entry (the first one). If I win, I will send you a postcard or a baguette, whichever you prefer! Voting closes August 1, so do it now!

1 comment:

The Dutchess said...

You're going to win by a long shot - you're so far ahead already! So happy for you! (and I choose postcard!)