Sunday, August 15, 2010

Summer in the City: Part 6

Ask me where I’m from, I say Chicago. But little known secret: I’ve never spent an entire summer here. So begins my series of chronicling my first summertime.

Rudy and I met when I was working one of my many temp jobs. We worked in the warehouse at Threadless for one of their holiday sales, and between pulling and shipping tees, we became fast friends. But when the temp job ended, we hardly saw each other. Since I FINALLY had a low-key weekend ahead of me, I thought it was time to make time for my old friend. Funny that Rudy roped me into doing the highest-key thing I have done all summer, which was running around Chicago in the hot hot sun for three straight hours all while Facebooking, Twittering and Foursquaring.

It was a social media urban scavenger hunt organized by FIJI water, and we were sponsored by 3 o' clock club, a daily deals site in Chicago and LA. We got a list of clues and tasks, and got points for every task we completed and uploaded on various social media sites. So we did stuff like this:

Try to sell a Domino's pizza (We actually got one! But when the guy heard he had to wait 5 minutes for his pizza, he changed his mind. BOO!)

Do yoga poses in front of the Merchandise Mart.

Mix drinks, which was by far one of my favorite challenges!

Other things on our list of tasks was to take a water taxi, kayak in the Chicago river, and sing happy birthday to someone at Bubba Gump. Completing all 20+ tasks in three hours would have been impossible, but I think we got 8 or 9. In one word, the whole event was completely exhausting. We ran and ran and ran some more. I think I sweat more in three hours than I have all summer — and for as hot of a summer as it's been, that is a LOT of sweating. But when all was said and done, I was happy I spent three hours of my life with Rudy running to and fro in one of the bestest cities in the world.

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