Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Getting Back on My Feet

If you asked me how my job hunt was going, I would say not very well. I spend hours on cover letters, delete them, and rewrite them again. I ask everyone and anyone I know or meet if they've heard of any openings. I work my network to try to get ins at jobs I'm applying for. And on and on. Thus far, none of it has done me any good.

I checked out the unemployment rate and was both encouraged and discouraged to see that Illinois has one of the higher percentiles in the nation. Encouraged because it's not just me. Discouraged because I still don't have a job.

So a couple of days ago, I decided to do something. There's nothing I can do about this. I am convinced that I am doing everything in my power to land a job and can't possibly do any more. But since it causes me so much stress, worry and hopelessness, I thought I should throw myself into doing something more positive.

So I started training for a half marathon. At this point, I am not sure I am even going to physically make it to the race. The registration and travel will cost money I don't necessarily have. But that isn't really the point right now. The point is more doing something that makes me feel good about myself. This is about working towards a goal I know without a doubt I can accomplish with dedication and work. And I really need to think less about job hunting for a few minutes a day. Now I can think about how much I really don't want to go running, which is what happens when you have to do it every single day.

And so, I bring to you yet another photo of running shoes. Guess which ones have run a marathon on top of a couple hundred miles and which ones have run three.


Jennie said...

It could be worse - you could be in Michigan! My mom has been unemployed for quite some time now. Most of the Midwest is really suffering right now, unfortunately.

betsyboo said...

You're right Jennie. Michigan's unemployment is so much worse than here. I hope your mom finds something. I am also lucky that I am young and don't have a mortgage, car payment, kids and all those other grownupy things to worry about.

Anna Vitale said...

you know...i've started playing solitaire. every time i win, it's a little "you don't suck at life!" boost. but i guess you'll end up with a better ass.