Monday, December 08, 2008

Spoiled American; part 2

When I first arrived, I complained about this country's lack of shower heads and curtains. Now I've got another beef. Can we stop being so environmentally conscious and get a clothes dryer up in here?

Air drying is lovely. In the summer, smelling of the outdoors, fresh. But we're approaching the worst of winter.

It's cold right now, and my sole pair of sweatpants are in the process of drying. They probably won't be dry for another three to five days from now. At night I dream of my past life in the United States, where I could dry any article of clothing in 45 minutes. Of the drier that not only dries, but makes things warm and fluffy. What I would do for a pair of warm and fluffy sweatpants straight from the dryer right now. Or a warm and fluffy towel! Instead my freshly laundered and racked-dried towels are kind of… crunchy.


Lauren K said...

Yes, that drove me nuts while in Europe. Even trying to dry in mid-summer took days. For me, the most annoying thing was having all my clothes lose their shape after several washings without having the dryer to shrink them back up :(

Stacey said...

when I was in england, studying abroad, we had a washer and dryer in our kitchen, which was odd to me. What was even more odd, however, was that our dryer had to be emptied of water.