Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Found a lovely room in heart of Paris. €500 a month. It's a family from the UK who only uses the house for family vacation. For a €300 deposit, they'll send their dad to Paris to "usher you into the house." They want to ensure that you are serious in taking the room.
We have had some bad experiences in the past where my dad scheduled to meet with people but on arriving Paris none of them came money,energy and time wasted.Since them my dad maintained that anybody that wants to rent our house must make deposit before he will leave UK to Paris.
Well I guess I better wire them €300 then.

Or flag the posting as spam.


Marni said...

Fucking Craigslist. Did I tell you I nearly got scammed this summer?

Keep on keeping on with the search!

betsyboo said...

I got this email AGAIN. The exact same story. Stupid scammers.