Friday, June 22, 2007

I bought a new bike, that is not really new but is used. I love it! Tonight packed some sammies and biked with amy to the skate park, where we admired perfectly executed ollies.

Felt really content on the ride back, as night time had just fallen and on a Saturday, the beach and lake were deserted on one side, but Lake Shore Drive was all the bussle on the other. It wasn't quite raining, but little plips that felt and smelled good and stuck to my glasses.

Later drove home along the same road, a little melancholy at the sight of the ferris wheel because that signals to me exiting the city. But I know every word to "Let's Stay Together" and I'm not ashamed that you or the people driving beside me know it. My kitty is waiting for me at home and anything I worried about earlier today can wait until tomorrow.

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