Wednesday, April 18, 2007

the stuff that memories are made of

Last night was quite possibly my most superbly favorite of those out on the town. It was an Adam reunion of sorts, minus 25% (we were so sad).

I feel that recounting all the stories would be boring as you were not there, so I will just give you a little hint of the greatness that was last night.

- whoever can dance with the most skankalicious girl wins. her bisexual boyfriends were down
- breaking it down the the crappiest american music ever
- french guy who pretended to be australian to try to get in girls pants
- body shots
- man i never spoke to once who randomly gave me his credit card to buy myself a drink so I picked the most expensive thing on the menu and bought one for myself and four of my friends
- sniffing girls' hair
- girl with poop in her pants
- biting it when I tried to put Ben on my back
- and of course how could it a night with the Adam crew if we didn't continue the never ending discussion on butt sex

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